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Over 5 years of Veterinary Care Experience

pet sitter

About me

I’m the founder and owner of Eau Claire Pet Care. I am an animal loving Eau Claire local with the experience & training to care for your pets in your home while you’re away!

For 5 years I worked at Eau Claire Animal Hospital as a Veterinary Assistant. During that time I offered pet sitting on the side for friends & family. Word soon spread about my in home pet care services and I started offering it to others. Little did I know that it would turn into a huge success in the Chippewa Valley! Now I am lucky enough to work for myself full time doing what I love.

My passion is to show your animals the love & attention that they need while staying in the comfort of their own home. I look forward to meeting you and your pets!

There's No Place like Home

Boarding facilities can cause your pet excessive stress. With our services your pet can stay in the place they love most, home! They can keep their routines & stay cozy with our visits and overnight stays. No need to take them out of their environment.

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